Protecting the Authentic Voice of Native Americans in Film, TV and New Media

Providing genuine Native American talent to the entertainment industry

Working with the Motion Picture Association to offer Native American representation to Studios and Networks


The Native American Media Alliance (NAMA) is a new initiative designed to protect Native Americans that are enrolled in federally recognized tribes. This initiative will function as a resource for the entertainment industry to work with Native Americans with an authentic voice for film, television and new media. This will offset the influx of people claiming Native American heritage to gain acceptance for diversity without the connection to a reservation, tribal nation or tribal community.Our initiative has three concurrent goals that will address individuals, groups and non-profits that attempt to act as a representative of the Native American community, groups that seek to lobby as a tribe or representative body and non-profits that do not have proper Native American representation in leadership roles within their organizational structure.

The first goal is to work in conjunction with studios, networks, production companies, unions and talent agencies to help them evaluate and assess individuals designating themselves as Native American.The second concurrent goal is to seek legislation to effect genuine change on a federal level. Laws have been established to protect the work of federally recognized Native Americans regarding traditional artistic endeavors (Indian Arts and Crafts Act of 1990). The third goal is to incentivize the employment of Native American writers for film, television and new media. This is an endeavor of the Barcid Foundation (, a 501c3 Native American non profit organization. Our mission includes the advocacy for Native American inclusion in film, television and new media.