Native Media Apprenticeship Program

Native Media Apprenticeship Program

The Native Media Apprenticeship Program is an initiative in partnership with the Native American Media Alliance, California Workforce Development Board, High Road Training Partnership and the Bric Foundation.

This program supports California based Native American & Indigenous opportunity youth pursue careers in media. The program provides mentorship and guidance to develop youth ages 16 – 24 hone skills for careers in animation production and producing for television. This program will prepare and explore placement for participants in these fields.

The overall goal is to provide new opportunities in education, training, and employment within the entertainment industry.

Participating Native and Indigenous youth will focuses on the technical aspects and practical knowledge needed for careers in animation and producing for television. This will involve the study of filmmaking, editing, animation, writing, producing and other related items pertinent to locating employment within the industry.

Additional support includes mentorship, career guidance, educational workshops, networking opportunities, and studio field trips.

The program aims to create a more inclusive Arts, Media & Entertainment industry by helping underserved Native American & Indigenous youth be involved. It focuses on providing them with opportunities and resources they might not otherwise have access.


  • Youth ages 16 to 24 years old
  • California Based
  • Native American or Indigenous

If you are interested in applying, please email for more information and the application form. Space is limited.