Amanda WouldGo

Amanda WouldGo (Secwepemc and Wampanoag), wears her passion for storytelling not just in her heart, but also on her skin – with the Secwepemc word for story, “slexéy̓em”, etched as a tattoo on her wrist. Drawing inspiration from the intricate stop-motion worlds crafted by Laika, Jim Henson’s magical blend of reality and fantasy, and Marcel the Shell with Shoes On’s explorations of emotion, Amanda believes that animation offers an opportunity to explore the realms of traditional stories that seem to operate just outside of the everyday world. She aims to help pave the way for more indigenous voices in future media landscapes. Her personal journey is interwoven with the legacy of her grandparents, who made the painful decision to flee the Kamloops Indian Residential School by crossing the border into the United States in order to rescue their children after three generations of imprisonment there. This history led her to experience life as a Canadian First Nations individual away from home, working to learn about her culture from afar. The global pandemic presented Amanda with the opportunity to immerse herself in a three-year journey to study the Secwepemc language. This deep dive not only drew her closer to her roots than ever before but also inspired her to use writing as a tool for healing and self-exploration. She looks forward to joining forces with other indigenous artists to create works that not only heal but also inspire their communities with stories of hope, empowerment and magical realism.