Amanda WouldGo

Amanda WouldGo (Secwepemc and Wampanoag) is a storyteller whose narrative craft is steeped in the rich traditions of indigenous myths and fantasy. Bearing the Secwepemc word for “story,” slexéy̓em, tattooed on her wrist, she believes that stories have the power to both entertain and heal communities. Her current project draws inspiration from seminal works like “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” “The Matrix,” “The Sandman,” and the creative genius of Jim Henson. She seeks to bridge the ancient with the modern, the real with the fantastical, emphasizing the role of storytelling as a vehicle for hope, healing, and empowerment. Eager to collaborate with other indigenous and queer creators, Amanda is committed to crafting narratives that highlight indigenous knowledge and queer experiences as integral to shaping a diverse and inclusive society. Her creative journey includes producing short graphic books and stop-motion animations rooted in Secwepemctsin language studies, reimagining traditional stories for contemporary audiences. She’s a visual artist with a long background in paper cutting and mixed media works. Her visual art has been featured in individual, intercultural, and interfaith shows in both Santa Cruz, CA and Oakland, CA. A recent NAMA Animation Lab fellow, she explored the potential of magical realism through the adventures of a 5-inch Secwepemc elven heavy metal musician. Amanda’s aspirations in the industry are clear: to forge inclusive narratives that celebrate the richness of indigenous and queer identities, ensuring their stories resonate across the spectrum of human experience.