Benjamin Flores

Benjamin Flores is a writer, filmmaker, and performer from Idaho. He is a proud member of the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa and a Tsimshian descendent. He was selected as a fellow in the 2022 Native American Media Alliance TV Writers Lab, and is currently staffed on an upcoming hour-long show on STARZ. His comedy-horror short “One Gotta Go” was featured in the AV Club, his humor writing has been published in the New Yorker online, and his podcast “Crimewatchers” is the world’s only recap show devoted to a nonexistent television series. He holds degrees from Yale and UMass Boston, and has worked on wilderness trail crews, teaching elementary school, and at an edtech startup. He produced a popular standup comedy show in Chicago while studying sketch and improv at the Second City Conservatory and iO Theater. In his screenwriting, Benjamin wrenches dark humor from sharp drama. His current projects include the pilot GOONS, about minor-league hockey players caught up in the US-Canada drug trade, and the features RIDING TIME, about a collegiate wrestler grappling with a haunting affliction in the wake of his brother’s death, and REMOTE, a comedic workplace thriller that takes place entirely within a computer screen. Benjamin lives in Los Angeles with his family, parenting his rambunctious, curious toddler.