Delaena Rae Uses Knife

Delaena Rae Uses Knife, Her Lakota name is “Olawan Un Wicayawiyun Winyan” meaning, “She prepares them with song”. Uses Knife received her liberal arts associates degree from Oglala Lakota College in 2013. She plans on graduating with a graphic design associate in Spring 2022. Uses Knife is a Miniconjou Lakota enrolled member from the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe of South Dakota. Her artistic style explains the Lakota Sioux traditions passed on and illustrations are inspired by Walt Disney and Pixar Studios. The dream is to be an animator and storyteller for children’s books. Actively promotes her artwork in art competitions, recently illustrated artwork for Wiyounkihipi Productions, fashion shows, hoop dancer for large gatherings, and through beadwork. Grew up on the Cheyenne River reservation in South Dakota by artistic parents Margie and Matthew Uses Knife. Both encouraged her to pursue her passions and study STEM academics.