Geoffrey Kie

Geoffrey Kie (he, him, his, they), is Big Corn Clan, and Little Turquoise Clan from the Pueblo of Laguna. Geoff has received his Bachelors of Science in Applied Indigenous Studies with a minor in Journalism from Northern Arizona University. He completed his Master’s with Distinction in Communication with an emphasis in Documentary Studies at NAU in 2019. Geoff enjoyed working with fellow colleagues in developing his own research and learned about appropriate Qualitative research methodologies. His thesis work focused on Indigenous Food Sovereignty topics such as Seed Rematriation, Historical Trade Routes, and Internatural Communication. Geoff is currently the Digital Media Producer for the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center in Albuquerque, NM. A fun fact about him is that he speaks conversational Mandarin Chinese. He learned over the years to blend his academic background with cultural values. Understanding the day-to-day struggles Indigenous Communities face helps him apply his skills where they are needed. Because of these experiences, he recognizes there is a necessity to address these matters in a culturally matched approach. Geoff uses media and storytelling to reclaim the narrative of indigenous perspectives. This is a form of healing.