JessiAnne “Griffin” Rooms

JessiAnne “Griffin” Rooms is a two-spirit, non-binary Native American (Hoopa Valley Tribe) singer, author, artist, and animator. Griffin has written many stories, though none have reached infamy as of yet, however they hold out hope that one day they will! Their stories and fantasy world’s mainly center on queer, disabled and/or neuro divergent characters of color. They hope to show the world all about different indigenous tribes, including but not limited to their own. They’re currently studying digital design and is a self taught artist in several graphic design, animation and visual effects programs. Mx. Rooms grew up in Harrah, Oklahoma — pretty much as small town as you can get. They still live in Oklahoma, despite all the horrible laws and discrimination they face. They aim to help people from similar upbringing to love themselves despite all the hate in the world!