Julia Morgan Leatham

Julia is a writer from Los Angeles, California. She is a proud member of the Cherokee Nation with lineage through the Wild Potato clan. A multi-media creator, Julia first found passion for writing and performance art through spoken word poetry and drag. Her written poetry and visual artwork is forthcoming in the zine Ethel (Summer 2021/Winter 2021) and is out now in The Threepenny Review (Summer 2021). Most recently, Julia has spent the year developing three feature-length screenplays through workshop at Yale University, receiving 3-months of Yale funding to work full-time on her first feature script in Summer 2020. She is currently in post-production on her short film “crooked light” and her debut poetry collection “desire” is out now with New Degree Press. Across mediums, Julia questions the concept of power. She sees power as belonging to the person whose interpretation of reality is most widely believed. She is excited to continue exploring this notion with her future projects.