Meera Divecha Forespring

Meera Divecha Forespring is a creative based in Olympia, Washington. They are mixed of  Indigenous American (Cowlitz), Indian (Gujarati), and Irish descent, and identify as two-spirit. Meera grew up on a well-balanced diet of Bollywood movies and television shows like Wonder Woman (1975), and Ultra Man (1966). This upbringing sparked their love of practical effects and the behind-the-scenes of film and television as well as the creative process behind the narratives they watched on screen. In the past, they have worked behind the scenes in short films such as Little Zombies Bored to Death. They have also worked with the organization Colorization Collective to create a gallery piece dedicated to MMIWG2S in 2020. Currently, they are assisting in the visual effects for an indie web series Morning Star yet to be released. Currently, they are studying for their bachelor’s at Evergreen State College where they focus on film production and Native American Studies. An avid writer, actor, and seamstress, Meera is dedicated to increasing the authentic representation of their cultures, both indigenous and south asian, that they and others lacked in childhood.