Randy Scott Kelsey 

Growing up is never easy. My life began with me fighting for survival as the umbilical cord slithered around my neck, squeezing the life out of me. My birth was the first time I fought for my life and it wouldn’t be the last. After years of abuse from the hands of my family I found solace in my art. I would escape my hell and return to the heavens each time I picked up my pen. My made up universes were my refuge, a place where I was loved, but there was always pain. In real life I couldn’t feel the love, only the pain. I spent most of my life alone, never letting anyone in, only my brother in law and mother understood. My mother and brother in law were the only ones to stand in my corner after my cousin raped me, they were the only ones that sought justice for me. I gave up on life and no longer wanted to live but I was too much of a coward to end my life. Instead I dove head first into drugs and alcohol looking for an escape, only to find myself nearly overdosing and ending up at the same place I was before. It was only after I nearly drowned and froze to death and getting tazed on the head by the cops that I decided I truly wanted to live. Being a heartbeat away from death does that to you. I decided to get back to creating my worlds while I fought for survival, just like my characters do on the pages. I stopped going out and doing hardcore drugs and healed my mind, body, and soul. I was no longer an abused rape victim, but a victor who survived the beatings and neglect from family members. Life has never been easy for me, but it was getting better. I decided I wanted to make movies and cartoons and when my family laughed at me, it was my mother and brother in law that encouraged me. When my two biggest fans passed away, I truly felt alone. I could hear my mothers voice telling me, “Don’t talk about it, do it.” I decided to leave the fires of the kitchen and begin my path into the limelight of the entertainment industry. I went back to college and earned my degree in film and also received a certificate in film production. It was during my senior year that I nearly lost my life once again. I suffered a severe head injury and nearly broke my neck. My doctors told me to take months off of school but I was determined to graduate. I had come so far to not just come that far. My brain and body began shutting down and I almost ended it by drinking myself to death. It was Spears and Joans tears that finally dried me out. They pulled me out of the bottle, shortly after, my life long friend went missing and is still missing. I lost it but I didn’t pick up the bottle this time, instead I worked even harder than before and graduated. My mother, brother in law, and friend Kim, walked with me across that stage on graduation day and they still walk by my side everyday. My professors suggested I move to Los Angeles to sell my scripts and find studio work. I packed up my little doggie and kitty and we moved out to LA. We lived in our truck for over four months, during which time I continued writing. We were able to find work at a dog kennel and get off the streets. I published my books from my Taragon series and started a fashion line. I am ready for the next chapter in my life, there will be a happy ending.