by Autumn Cavender


Set at the intersection of outlaw bikers, criminal underworld, and traditional Coastal Salish culture, LEGEND is a dark odyssey about one family’s story of redemption and vengeance.


In the Pilot episode, we are introduced to the brothers Duq and Sya, and their motorcycle gang the Whale Riders MC, as they plan to exit the drug trade. Their plan is to end their involvement with the Mexi-Cali alliance and leave the criminal world behind. Their decision is seen as a sign of weakness by the Steelheads, a rival gang, who see this as an opportunity to take over the Whale Riders’ territory. Meanwhile, divisions within the Mexi-Cali alliance force them to step back and let the conflict between the Whale Riders and the Steelheads play out.
The Pilot episode sets the stage for the rest of the season, as the Whale Riders struggle to find a way out of the criminal world and navigate the complicated relationships between rival gangs, their own organization, and their contacts in the Bratva Russian Mob. It’s a tense and action-packed start to a series that promises to explore the themes of family, loyalty, and redemption in the context of a dangerous and unforgiving criminal underworld.


action, antihero, brotherhood, drama, family, gangs, gangster, masculinity, organized crime, own worst enemy, underdog

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