Lucky Penny

by Shelley Dennis


A control freak’s world is turned upside down when a bit of magic causes her childhood wishes to start coming true.


We open on a young PENNY and her happy-go-lucky dad, TONY, doing what they do best, make wishes. They wish upon a star, throw a nickel in the fountain and, when the clock strikes 11:11… you guessed it.

“The doctor said you came out heads first!” Penny’s father brags.

PRISON BARS slam shut in front of him. Apparently he was doing a lot of wishing and not a lot of paying taxes. That day, Penny’s magical world died. The next nickel she finds goes into a piggy bank not a wishing well.

Now an adult, Penny (30s) is all work and no play as the VP of a home security company. She follows a strict schedule, has black and white viewpoints, and don’t you dare throw her a surprise party because she hates surprises. But when her hippie sister JACQUELINE drags her to a meditation class, she gets an unexpected blessing from spiritual guru, Tut Nan Duck. “All your wishes, they come true now.”

The next morning, Penny is met with an odd series of events. A talking Barbie (average size) scares the shit out of her, a pink unicorn grazes on her lawn, and Corey Feldmen begins courting her. All her wishes, they come true now – in chronological order!

Penny calls her assistant, Jacqueline, and Jacqueline’s two husbands (they’re free spirits) to help her put out these fantastical fires before they ruin her life. She’s forced down memory lane in an effort to remember all she wished for as a child, and that leads her to do something she vowed never to do– visit her father in prison.


1/2 hour comedy, live action

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