by Daniel Buonsanto


A government hired scientist and a thirteen-year-old boy discover separate parts to an alien message.


Under a clear evening sky filled with millions of stars, what would normally be a routine night of fun on a remote Northern California farm field, eleven year old Chaska Adoete and his younger sister stumble upon a spectacular celestial event and the discovery of a small mysterious black pyramid with what appears to be ancient Native American symbols inscribed on its outer surface.

Unknown by the children, not far away, military satellites simultaneously tracked the event and a security conscious government is now pursuing its own investigation.

As dawn breaks, two agents are sent by United States Air Force General Novic to fetch disenchanted linguistic anthropologist and specialist in ancient languages, Dr. Jonathan Reiner. Much to the agent’s surprise, Dr. Reiner is unfazed by the request to help the military and has a change of heart when a classified scientific project is disclosed to him amidst the appearance of what seems to be Crop Circle formations.

Eager to erase a failed mission and regain his former glory, General Novic, utilizes all his resources to conduct his own game of chess deceiving one chief aerospace scientist, Dr. Free Calwell by elevating a threat of what the General perceives as an invasion from another world. What at first appears to be Crop Circles made by human hands quickly proves to be otherwise by the sudden appearance of a space probe sent back from earth over 30 years ago.

In order to entice Dr. Reiner to join his effort, Free Calwell is privy to view the remains of the space probe. Calwell too is intrigued by similar Native American like symbols found with the space probe as was found by Chaska and his sister.

It doesn’t take long for General Novic to become aware of the first event that Chaska witnessed and the pieces of the puzzle are starting to fit. What do the symbols on the small Pyramid communicate and how are they related to the ones on the Space probe? Young Chaska holds the key!

Reiner persuades Calwell to break free of Novic and the military’s grip and to join him in finding Chaska before Novic does. But, neither the boy nor the scientists are aware of the other’s discovery and a unique series of events lead Reiner and Calwell’s to young Chaska; the keeper of the small pyramid.

Now realizing he has been betrayed, Novic’s sole mission is to find Reiner, Free, and Chaska at all costs and retrieve the object he believes to be nothing less than a doomsday device.

Reiner’s only hope of uncovering the meaning of the ancient Indian symbols found on the small pyramid and space probe is Grey Wolf, the oldest surviving Elder of the Native Shantopo people. Grey Wolf greets Reiner with opens arms rekindling a friendship that has spanned decades. Grey Wolf attempts to decipher the symbols that have been mysteriously sent back with the space probe and its travel companion, the small pyramid that only Chaska can control.

Through the guidance of Grey Wolf, the symbols reveal Native prophecies spanning the space-time continuum and a special “request” from the extraterrestrials that the Shantopo refer to as the “Ancient Ones.”

Now fast on their trail, General Novic will do everything in his power to find Chaska, retrieve the pyramid, and stop any extraterrestrial contact.

It is this specific “request” found on Chaska’s small Pyramid that puts the mission in question. Choices need to be made and lives on both sides of the galaxy are at risk.

As the hours dwindle to minutes, the fate of an alien civilization ultimately rests on the decision of an eleven-year old boy running from the world’s most powerful military and into the arms of alien communication he knows nothing about. What will he decide?


adventure, drama, sci fi

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