Rabbit Steals Fire

by Bret Jones


A gutsy Native American detective must join forces with a state agent to solve a series of murders and stop the trafficking of meth in her tribe’s territory.


Muscogee Nation, Oklahoma.
People are leaving the casino for the night. Time passes by and the sun comes up on a body tied to a tree just off from the casino. DETECTIVE TALISA WIND is sent to investigate. The MEKKO – the tribal town leader – won’t speak to her in English, even though he can – to aggravate, but also because he says she’s not dark enough. She has to call in MCN Lighthorse Officer GRANT YAHOLA to act as interpreter. The Mekko speaks English to Yahola. The body is that of CHRIS BIBLE who was punished for getting drunk; the Mekko had him tied to a tree. Someone found him and stabbed him with a hunting knife.
Wind must team up with Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation agent, CLAYTON GOOCH, to solve the murder. Shortly after the murder, a burnt out van is found in connection with the killing. Wind discovers a trail leading to a group distributing meth on the Muscogee Nation.
Wind and Gooch race to make the connections with another murder occurring during a stomp dance and a young man injured critically. Narrowing down the suspects and tracking down the source of the meth leads Wind to the killer.



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