Episode 2: The Truck and the Cord

by Tamara Stratton


Now stranded at Kitty's Artists Commune, Kitty and Noah attempt to milk a cow for the fist time. Charlie struggles to assist a naked mechanic to fix the car while Linda and and Haley run afoul of the law when they go into town for supplies.


Having reached Kitty’s home only to find it has become the center of a new age art colony, Linda now finds herself stranded with her children amidst Kitty’s other guests who include artists, psychics, and aspiring cult leaders. While Noah helps Kitty around the farm and Charles sets out to fix the car assisted by a former mechanic turned nudist, Linda and Haley go into town to get some necessary parts and perhaps even charge their phones. What should have been a simple task leads to a police chase, blindness, and jail.


dark comedy

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