Sweetness of the Blood

by Maya Dittloff


Rose’s guilt over the disappearance of her sister dilutes reality with memory when she returns home to the Blackfeet Indian Reservation to take care of her mother with early onset dementia.


Rose is forced to return to the Reservation from her job as a book editor in New York City. Upon return, she finds the state of things are worse than she could ever imagine. Her childhood home is a veritable pigsty – her mother turned hoarder in her old age and senility. Marie has been living alone for the past five years (ever since her sister Skye disappeared). The police have stopped calling, no updates in the case of Skye Home Gun. With Rose working to clean the house and plans in motion to move her mother into a retirement home, she ignores any signs of supernatural activity.

Only in her dreams is Rose able to join her sister Skye; through reliving old memories with the help of Iniskim- a very old tool used by the Blackfeet for luck. The battle for control never ceases, and Rose refuses to concede that these glimmers of the past, her memories, are real and present. There is a truth that time cannot erase. The past lives alongside us. People we knew, the people we once were; these memories are kept in the gaps between trees, in the swaying of the grass.

But these memories can be all consuming.


drama, horror

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Three Affiliated Tribes, Blackfeet
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