Thrill Hills

by Emma Barrow


A Native cop’s family trauma resurfaces when a teenage girl is assaulted, launching her into a fight to protect the young women in her football obsessed town against corruption and locker room excused rape culture.


In rural Oklahoma football is king and OSIB Detective Inez Hill’s husband is the high school football coach. On the first day of school Inez and her partner get a call from the DA to investigate the disappearance of his niece, Maddison. They learn the missing girl was last seen at a party that they suspect was thrown by the football team. To their surprise the sheriff, who has jurisdiction, welcomes their help and leads them to the pasture where the party was thrown. They find a girls shoe in the bushes but the property owner claims to know nothing about the party. Inez is called to the Cherokee Indian Hospital by a Cherokee Nation Marshall and friend, Astila who has found Maddison. The nurse tells them that Maddison has been sexually assaulted but Maddison won’t tell Inez what happened. To Inez’s great upset Maddison’s parents don’t want to pursue an investigation into the assault. Inez suspects they don’t want to stir up trouble for the football team. Inez’s own daughter, a classmate of Maddison’s, is harassed over Inez’s investigation and hatches a plan to attend the Homecoming after party her parents have forbidden her to go to. The episode ends with another assault, this time it’s Inez’s own daughter.



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