Script Tag: thriller


After a nun (who is a star witness in a court case against the Catholic Church) is killed in front of an Indian Residential Boarding School, two detectives take on the case. Sage Bearheart, from the FBI, isn’t happy to be going back to her hometown of Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, too many skeletons in… Read more »

Last Woman

Synopsis Genre: Drama with grounded sci-fi and thriller elements Format: Feature, but could expand into 7 more episodes over 3 seasons. Nutshell: Everything, Everywhere, All at Once with the 2020 version of The Invisible Man LOGLINE: A brilliant female scientist brutally attacked in college develops an electromagnetic device that transports her to a safe parallel… Read more »


(Trigger Warning: THEMES: MMIWG; Spoken Word; Sisterhood; Religious Fanaticism; Homophobia. ) Ayda “Thunder” Bell is still recovering from a college date rape when she joins The Pistils, her outspoken, bisexual sister’s hip hop/jazz trio. As Ayda begins to heal and own her self-worth, she gives her trust to the Indigenous sax player Viper, a troubled… Read more »