Tahnabah is a Navajo, Lakota, and Dakota performer who grew up in traditions of the Navajo beauty way of life and blessing way ceremonies as well as the Lakota Sundance and powwows. Tahnabah is a dancer, model, and aspiring actress. The dance styles she performs consist of ballet, lyrical, contemporary, hip hop, color guard, fancy shawl, jingle dress, Eagle, hoop dance, and the Navajo basket dance. She has been in the dance industry for several years performing for numerous dance shows/competitions, fashion shows, Women of the Navajo Calendar, Knott’s Scary Farm the 50th year, and Netflix’s upcoming film ‘Rezball’. Tahnabah combines career passion, and cultural stories, together in performing arts contemporary storytelling dance & theatre. She performs at cultural events and schools with family and friends. She strives to still be involved more with acting, television production and screenwriting. She is also growing a jewelry crafts, fashion designing, makeup, and hairstyling business. She loves to make connections with others and try new things to have fun in life.