Tvli Jacob

Tvli ain’t no movie man, but he’s seen a lot of movies. He has also been fortunate enough to be around people who are in the industry and is lucky to have learned from them. Tvli is grateful for being a part of the Native American Media Alliance, and is really happy that such a program exists. Tvli is excited to be a participant and hopes to continue to support these and other similar programs in the future, because they have been supportive of him. Tvli loves the storytelling art that motion pictures have, and the way that motion pictures incorporate other artforms. With movies, TV shows, video games and other media, there are various ways to approach a story. What’s also causes enthusiasm, is that we are lucky to be alive in a time where many of our Indigenous stories are being recognized and acknowledged. Tvli loves working with Native American Indian, Indigenous and First Nations communities. Besides movies, he spends his time working with tribal communities, and pursues other exciting endeavors. He is from the Choctaw Nation in Southeast Oklahoma. He loves stories but doesn’t collect them. Instead, he prefers that stories collect him, be a part of him, flow through the universe and exist as it wishes to be. People in his family walked the Trail of Tears, resisted oppression, preserved the Choctaw language and fought for tribal rights and sovereignty. He has a daughter named Nuseka, who is a philosopher, free-thinker, creator, artist and the reason he exists. Nuseka continues to make his family proud and will always do so. Tvli has never been comfortable writing about himself in the third person.