Xavier Rain Tree

Meet Xavier Rain Tree, a talented videographer and photographer whose passion for storytelling has led to the creation of a remarkable documentary, earning recognition and an award from the city of Fresno. Currently attending Clovis West High School and the Center of Advanced Research and Technology, Xavier is dedicated to their craft and exploring new avenues of creativity. Alongside their artistic pursuits, Xavier is also a great entrepreneur, having founded a successful small business specializing in sunglasses. Xavier is a filmmaker with a profound passion for documentary storytelling, particularly focusing on Native American topics and issues within his community. With extensive filming experience, Xavier has dedicated their craft to shedding light on the rich cultural heritage and pressing concerns faced by indigenous peoples. Collaborating closely with elders, they have played a pivotal role in language preservation efforts, creating impactful films that serve as valuable resources for learning and preservation. Through his work, Xavier not only captures the essence of indigenous cultures but also advocates for their recognition and empowerment on a broader scale.