Zachary Takacs

Zachary Takacs is Absentee Shawnee writer, artist, and animator and is a current student at Arizona State University studying animation with a minor in digital culture. They have always taken pride in their Native American heritage, and as an artist, they are excited to witness future Native representation enter the world of entertainment. While their artistic career is just beginning, they are passionate about animation and storytelling and have had several animated works exhibited in local showcases. In 2021, they were a part of the Moving Narratives exhibition in the 2D Animation category. That same year and in 2022, they were included in the degree program’s semester showcases within the 2D and 3D Animation category, respectively. They have also competed in the 24-Hour Animation challenge in 2021 and 2022. Their philosophy when creating animated works is that they know that their work will far outlive them, and they want to use their time accordingly by living through their art and creating entertaining and powerful stories that may become inspiration to the artists who come after them, like many of the creators and shows who have done the same for them.