Author: Ian Skorodin

David Morgan – In Development Fellow

David E. Morgan is from the Navajo (Dine’) Nation and was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico. David has produced documentary and short films. His documentary was about his father that passed away in 2017 and his shorts are of the Native American horror, drama, sci-fi genres. His work has screened at the LA… Read more »

Derek Quick

Derek Quick (Negane Meno) is a multi award-winning Native American/Hispanic Writer, Director, Producer, and Disabled U.S. Navy and U.S. Coast Guard Veteran with over 10 years of military service. He is a member of the Ottawa tribe of Oklahoma and his grandfather Chuck Red Cedar Todd was the Chief of the tribe. Derek’s films have… Read more »

Talitha Moniz McMillion

Talitha Moniz McMillion is a LatIndigenous storyteller and dedicated activist from the Charrúa Nation in the south of Brazil. Before receiving a Bachelor of Arts from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Talitha obtained an Associate of Arts with a focus on videography. They have worked with many social justice organizations, including Greenpeace,… Read more »

Sandi Jerome

Sandi Jerome (Cherokee Nation) is fortunate enough to have an animated Sci-Fi script being produced by BlackOrb Studios.  She is a graduate of UCLA’s Advanced Screenwriting Program and has been an Austin finalist with four scripts and a Nicholls Quarter finalist twice with two of her scripts, Last Hand and First Man.  She writes scripts… Read more »

Marcie Price Jackson

     Marcie Price Jackson is a writer, artist, and root beer float enthusiast based in Oklahoma City. She is of Cherokee, Scottish, and English descent, and is proud to be a citizen of the Cherokee Nation.       Marcie has been involved in the independent film communities in Oklahoma and Texas for 15 years… Read more »

Chris Hoshnic

Chris Hoshnic is a member of the Navajo Nation tribe and in the final year of his Bachelors of Arts in English at Arizona State University. Originally from Sweetwater, Arizona, located seven miles south of highway 160, Chris attended Red Mesa Elementary School. He lived with his grandparents and his younger brother until he decided… Read more »

Autumn Cavender

Autumn Cavender is a multi-disciplined force: mother, midwife, activist, and artist. Her artistic journey began with a quillwork apprenticeship, studying Dakota design, aesthetics, and methodology. She transitioned into multimedia and digital art in 2020, inspired by the possibilities of generative and AI art. Fascinated by blending Dakota design with digital tech, she pioneered the technique… Read more »

Chris Carrea

     Chris Carrea is an award-winning filmmaker from the Mohawks of Akwesasne and St. Regis Mohawk Tribe. Her work has been screened at several film festivals including Toronto Film Festival, Slamdance, Claremont Ferrand, IDFA, and more. Her films have also been shown in art museum exhibits around the world, including Los Angeles County Museum… Read more »

Natalie Benally

Natalie Benally is born into the Grey Streaked Ends Clan and born for the Red Running into Water Clan. Her Maternal Grandparents are the Zuni Pueblo Clan and her Paternal Grandparents are the Water’s Edge Clan. Growing up on the Navajo Reservation, Natalie had an immense love for the Arts. However, the lack of performing… Read more »

Stanley Bain

     Stanley grew up on the Navajo Reservation, in Indian Wells, Arizona. Growing up, when he was not tending to chores or herding sheep for his grandparents, Stanley spent time playing with his siblings and cousins. Stanley’s imagination bloomed, and with the family’s small 19-inch television and the creation of the VCR, he became… Read more »