Author: Ian Skorodin

Ahyoka Saas

Ahyoka Saas is a Two-Spirit Cherokee and German writer and composer raised in an end-times cult. They’ve directed and showrun five hour-long sketch revues at The Second City Chicago, won Roadmap’s Diversity Initiative Competition and Native American Media Alliance’s Animation Fellowship in 2022, and performed hundreds of narrative improv shows across the Midwest US. This… Read more »

Rylan Tuohy

Rylan Tuohy is a writer and director and proud tribal citizen of the Wyandotte Nation who grew up in rural Greenville, Kentucky. Using YouTube as both a showcase for his earliest short films and a place to learn how to hip hop dance, he realized he had a knack for the former and considered applying… Read more »

Simon Luedtke

Born on a U.S. military base in Naples, Italy, Simon Luedtke moved to San Francisco when he was 14 days old. He grew up in Utah and Oregon, where he spent most of his days getting lost in the Rocky Moun tains and Evergreen Forests. He was introduced to writing by his father, whose poetry… Read more »

Sloane Leong

Sloane Leong is a self-taught cartoonist, illustrator, and writer of Hawaiian, Chinese, Mexican, Native American and European ancestry. Through prose, illustration, and comics, she engages with visceral futurities and fantasies through a radical, kaleidoscopic lens, the extrapolation and hybridization of ecologies within speculative frames, and the violent cultural structures of our world and others, both… Read more »

Gina East

Gina East (Isleta Pueblo) is a writer and filmmaker living in Los Angeles. Her screenplay, What the Crows Saw, placed in multiple screenwriting competitions. Notably, it won the Grand Prize at the Creative World Awards and was a Quarterfinalist in Final Draft’s Big Break – Diversity Feature. In addition, she was a Fellow at NAMA’s… Read more »

Kendall Davis

Kendall Davis is a writer and comedian based in NYC and is proud to be an enrolled member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. Originally from Fort Smith, Arkansas, she earned a degree in biology from Hendrix College and worked in education equity in Washington, DC for three years after graduating. Kendall moved to New… Read more »

Zachary Takacs

Zachary Takacs is Absentee Shawnee writer, artist, and animator and is a current student at Arizona State University studying animation with a minor in digital culture. They have always taken pride in their Native American heritage, and as an artist, they are excited to witness future Native representation enter the world of entertainment. While their… Read more »

Ahyoka Saas

Second City Chicago and Harold Ramis Film School alum Ahyoka Saas is a Two-Spirit comedy writer. Their work explores ubiquitous situations through their cheerfully sardonic lens of satire. As a writer, director, and performer who has grappled with mental illness and disabilities, Ahyoka has found comedy to not only be a helpful coping skill in… Read more »

Teresa “Erin” Parker

Teresa “Erin” Parker (Absentee Shawnee/Kiowa/Cherokee/Kickapoo) is a Native American educator living in Tulsa, OK. In 2022 she received a scholarship through the Cherokee Nation Film Office for a Writing for the Screen Workshop at Oklahoma State University-Tulsa. During that Writing for the Screen Workshop she developed a 5-minute short from logline to final screen play…. Read more »

JessiAnne “Griffin” Rooms

JessiAnne “Griffin” Rooms is a two-spirit, non-binary Native American (Hoopa Valley Tribe) singer, author, artist, and animator. Griffin has written many stories, though none have reached infamy as of yet, however they hold out hope that one day they will! Their stories and fantasy world’s mainly center on queer, disabled and/or neuro divergent characters of… Read more »