Script Tag: drama

Last Hand

An anxious little girl dressed in her birthday finest waits in Circus Circus for her father, a blackjack dealer. Just as her mother starts to write him off as a “no show”, Kimi spots a clown struggling to climb the stairs in his size twenty shoes and jumps into his arms. Pretending that he’s frustrated… Read more »

Last Woman

Synopsis Last Woman is a suspense thriller that opens with a young college coed rehearsing for a play. Humiliated by the director, she stays afterward to practice her lines. The director finds her alone and turns a violent scene in the play into a night of terror for Danielle. Time has passed and although she… Read more »


Under a clear evening sky filled with millions of stars, what would normally be a routine night of fun on a remote Northern California farm field, eleven year old Chaska Adoete and his younger sister stumble upon a spectacular celestial event and the discovery of a small mysterious black pyramid with what appears to be… Read more »

The Hanging Tree

A famous arborist, Hazel Dupree, must save her hometown’s hanging tree, where her great-grandfather was lynched, while her father, Eddie Dupree, petitions to get it cut down.

The Revolution Will Be Indigenized

Jesse, an angry mixed blood Native Iraq veteran, experiences PTSD on his return to a country that has never treated him as a home. He clashes with his family about the Iraq war and his girlfriend, Brittney asks him to leave. He ends up homeless in Tulsa, OK, living in his truck. Marco, a young… Read more »

Poi Dogs

Olivia Kane, a local dog groomer living on the Big Island of Hawai’i, lives a simple life with her husband, Abel. She runs the uncharacteristically high-end dog grooming company Fur-ocious. The FBI visits her one day at her shop and informs her that someone in her town used the dark web to put a hit… Read more »

Thrill Hills

In rural Oklahoma football is king and OSIB Detective Inez Hill’s husband is the high school football coach. On the first day of school Inez and her partner get a call from the DA to investigate the disappearance of his niece, Maddison. They learn the missing girl was last seen at a party that they… Read more »


Sacajawea lives in the Mandan villages, away from her home with the Shoshone and alongside her pigheaded husband Charbonneau. But everything changes when the Discovery Corps arrive. Men of white skin, beards on their faces, they bring promises of the Great White Father. With winter coming, these men build a fort and break bread with… Read more »

Sweetness of the Blood

Rose is forced to return to the Reservation from her job as a book editor in New York City. Upon return, she finds the state of things are worse than she could ever imagine. Her childhood home is a veritable pigsty – her mother turned hoarder in her old age and senility. Marie has been… Read more »

The Beauty of Pain

IZZIE (16, Native/Black/LGBTQ+) ambitious and diligent wins the regional beauty pageant and sets her sights on nationals. She meets her antagonist BELLE, her girl crush KAY, and her infamous instructor KELLY KINGSTON at her first national pageant practice. While at one of her practices, Izzie faints and startles everyone. She goes to DR. COLLIN GRAHAM…. Read more »