2nd Annual Native American Unscripted Workshop – Fellows Selected

2nd Annual Native American Unscripted Workshop – Fellows Selected

The Native American Media Alliance announced today they have selected 10 participants for the 2nd Annual Native American Unscripted Workshop, a talent development program that aims to boost the careers of Native American filmmakers, journalists and media artists in the field of unscripted film and television. This year’s workshop is supported by CNN, Comcast NBCUniversal, YAHOO, the Cherokee Nation Film Office and A+E Networks.

The participants will take part in a five day intensive that will have them meet with executives from numerous networks and studios as well as experienced unscripted producers. The workshop will consist of group discussions and creative seminars that will culminate in a pitch panel at the conclusion of the workshop. Each selected participant will pitch a panel of creative executives and producers to spotlight their respective projects and unique voices.

The five day total immersion workshop will be mentored and guided by veteran producers in non-fiction television. The Native American Unscripted Workshop was created to expand the amount of Native Americans working behind the camera, as a way to increase fair and accurate portrayals of Native Americans in media.

The Native American Media Alliance (NAMA) advocates for Native American representation in the entertainment industry. This initiative functions as a resource for industry personnel to work with Native Americans who have an authentic voice for film, television and new media. The Native American Media Alliance is an initiative of the Barcid Foundation; a non-profit organization that focuses on multimedia programming in indigenous communities.

The 10 selected fellows:

Annette Arkeketa

Wenona Benally Baldenegro

Sal Baldenegro

Justin Deegan

Tvli Jacob

Ivan MacDonald

Ashley Salaz

Ruth-Ann Thorn


Jim Warne


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